Folklore group VYTOKI
  Group leader Alena Yaskevich

Founded in 2000 at the Culture House of Diatlovo, a small town located in the Luninec district (Brest province), an authentic folklore group “Vytoki” (Origins in English) gathered together folklore lovers who have actively joined the cultural life of the town. Currently the group consists of 8 creative members, which seek to promote the Belarus folklore in two ways – as a scenic stylized genre and as a ritual of traditional folk culture. The basic part of the repertoire consists of ancient two-voiced songs from the Polesie region, which are traditionally performed involving additional voices.  Archaic songs in the group‘s programmes are complemented with life routine dances, stories, local poetry and humour. 

In recent years “Vytoki” actively participated in numerous massive traditional events presenting revived rituals of calendar and family festivities. The most notable programmes are those presenting Christmas, Shrove Tuesday, Spring Calling, St. John’s Day, Harvest Home, affiance and wedding rituals. The group is well known and respected in its region and the state.  It takes part in local TV broadcasts, the group’s performances of rituals were recorded and broadcasted, documentary movies about the group were made. The group actively participates in various festivals and competitions of ethno-cultural traditions.

Members of the folklore group wear handmade national costumes, which main accents are shirts embroidered in cross stitch patterns and skirts with ribbons. The group members themselves master weaving and embroidery.  


Folklore group ETNASUPOLKA
  Group leader Tatjana Plodunova

The folklore group “Etnasupolka” (English: Ethno-community) of the Chair of Ethnic and Folklore Studies of the Belarus State Culture and Arts University was founded in 2004 after the Chair of ethno-phonology was established. The group is a certain creative workshop on ethno-phonology of Tatjana Plodunova, senior professor of the Chair of Ethnic and Folklore Studies. Today members of the ensemble are fourth grade students of the Chair well experienced in expedition activities. The traditions observed and recorded in the regions of Glubokoye (Vitebsk province), Oktiabrsk, Vetka (Gomel province), Lyuban (Minsk province), Pinsk (Brest province) and other – now form the basis of the ensemble‘s creative activity.

The ensemble organizes and demonstrates most calendar festivals in towns – Christmas, Shrove Tuesday, Spring Calling Day, Easter, St. John‘s Day. It takes part in authentic national celebrations, folklore festivals, get-togethers. The group performs calendar, ritual family songs, dances and games, plays authentic Belarus music instruments (reed-pipe, fiddle, diatonic cymbals, drums). The costumes of the group members represent the authentic outfit of Malaryta (Brest province), Rudabelsk, Kalinkavičy, Cacersk (Gomel province) regions.