Folklore group CHVENEBUREBI

Leader Solomon Gogashvili

“Chveneburebi” is an ensemble from Tbilisi consisting of 8 members. Each of them is from different parts of GEORGIA that helps them to keep authentic tradition and manner of singing. Except singing each member dances and plays Georgian folk instruments (chonguri, panduri, chiboni, gudastviri, chuniri, garmoni, tsiko-tsiko, doli, daira and others). Each of them can sing every of the three parts of Georgian polyphonic songs and is distinguished by a special voice timbre. Therefore CHVENEBUREBI has maintained the real, authentic character and the manner of performance.

“Chveneburebi” regularly arranges folk expeditions to regions of Georgia. They work on discovering old folk songs, their different variations and introducing them to the audience. They work also on archival records of Georgian folk songs. The repertoire contains not only pure folk songs, but also ethno - musical compositions based on folk themes.