Artistic director Tamara Biro

The folk dance ensemble “Szélrózsa Néptáncegyüttes” (Szelrozsa folklore groups) was founded in 1976 in Földes town. It is a numerous and friendly group rallying over 110 amateur dancers from 8 to 78 years of age. The mission of the group is to adopt and present local traditions and folklore on the stage, thus to promote Hungarian traditional culture, popular traditions and authentic Hungarian folk dance. The group revives and stages folk plays, based on materials of traditional rituals (funeral, wedding, harvest home). 

The repertoire of the group consists of popular dances of the regions of the Great Hungarian Plain and other neighbouring regions (Hortobágy, Hajdúság, Satmaras, Somogy, Mezőség and others). Dancers dress in handmade national costumes reconstructed after authentic models and often made by themselves or together with parents.

The dance group constantly participates in folklore festivals in Hungary and abroad and represents the state at international festivals. The group has travelled to France, Poland, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Romania and Ukraine. In 2011 the folk dance group “Szélrózsa” was awarded the Kölcsey Ferenc prize for its activity of recent decades.