Folklore group TERRA DEL SOLE

Leader Torre Felice, artistic leader and choreographer Miriam Catanese,
instrumental group leaders Luca Consolandi and Stefano Torre

Folk group “Terra del Sole“ founded in 1998 in Lodi presents regional folk songs and dances from the regions of Lombardia (North Italy) and Sicily (South Italy).

Dance music is performed by many typical instruments as accordion, guitar, drums, mandolin and the typical Sicilian flute called friscalettu, characterized by a very shrill tone. The polyphonic song performed by the vocal group reflect the past common style of living of local people, while performances of the dance group carries the audience back to good old days, when polka, mazurka and tarantella were the best-known dances.

Costumes of the group derive from the nineteenth century’s people dress style worn exclusively on Sundays and at feasts.

The group often performs at traditional village celebrations and festivals. It has toured in almost all European states: Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Portugal, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Slovenia.