Artistic direktor Anna Karkle

The group's repertoire includes songs, dance-games, and dances from Latgale, the eastern part of Latvia where a rich heritage of folklore has been preserved. Members of the group come from Līvāni and the surrounding communities of Turki and Rožupe.

Their repertoire represents a wide variety of themes, but it mostly focus on family celebrations and seasonal traditions. The group sings in the authentic Latgalian manner. Much attention is given to playing traditional instruments: kokle (psaltery), drum, violin, flutes, bagpipes, button accordion, accordion, double bass, and a variety of rhythm instruments. Participants involve the public whenever possible during performances.

The group actively participates in the cultural life of the region and Latvian festivals “Pulkā eimu, pulkā teku” and “Baltica“. The group has participated in international folklore festivals in Italy, Germany, Finland, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia and other countries.

Craftswomen Kriķe Džeima and Vilcāne Žanna coming together with the group will present traditional textile, ceramics and leather ware, braided sashes and quilted rugs.