Folklore group DIGNOJISI
Group leader Aīda Bikauniece

The folklore ensemble “Dignojīši” (people of Dignāja) was established in 2003. Aīda Bikauniece has been the leader of “Dignojīši” since its founding. In the beginning it was a children's group, but eventually parents and other adults became interested in folk music and traditions and also joined the group. Now the group consists of 26 members. 

“Dignojīši” collect and perform songs, dances and folk tales from the Sēlija region of Latvia because the rural district Dignāja and the group’s native village are located in this region. Programme consists of traditional multi-part songs from the Sēlija region (calendar songs, songs about life, mythological songs), and much of the repertoire (songs, dance and games) is based on the musical heritage which has been preserved by the Dignāja folklore ensemble “Dignojas sīvas”. They sing in their local Selonian dialect and always wear national costumes. Members of the ensemble play musical instruments: kokle, accordion, violin, drums and various percussion instruments.

The ensemble celebrates traditional annual festivals, often gives concerts in nearby towns and villages. Often at performances “Dignojīši” learn the audience folk dances and dance-games. The folklore ensemble has often participated in song and dance festivals, international folklore festivals “Baltica” and various international projects, such as the Comenius Project and etc. Together with folk groups from regions of Zemgale in Latvia and North Lithuanian groups “Dignojīši” have recorded a CD entitled “Bread is like the world”. This year the group has recorded a new CD “Pī Daugavas loba dzeive” (Life on the Daugava is good) presenting unique melodies of Sēlija region.