Folklore group STRMOL

Artistic director Brane Šmid

Folk dancegroup“Strmol"from Sloveniawas founded 7 years ago, at Cerklje - a town in the northwest part of Slovenia at the foothills of the Alps. The group is composed of senior citizens (an average age in the group is 63 years), members of the elderly people association of Cerklje, interested in traditional Slovenian dances, music, songs, customs, and crafts.

The group presents folk dances of own region Gorenska, danced in the Alpinepart ofSlovenia bythe Italian-Austrianborder. The dances are accompanied by the musical group playing typical instrument of the region - diatonicaccordion, clarinetandbass.

Performers are dressed in national costumes of the Gorenska region from the first half of the 19th century.

Traditional crafts will be presented at the festival by members of the musical group and craftsmen - Ivan Kropivnik (painting on wood), Marina Marko, Jožica Šmid and Vida Plevel (crochet, embroidery on white linen and production of details of national costume).