Folklore ensemble AAR-AARTYK

Artistic director Agafja Zacharova

Folklore ensemble of the Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture from Yakutsk is both a folklore studio and a creative laboratory of students and lecturers, sharing a common aim to learn and preserve the spiritual cultural heritage and traditions of the Northern nations and peoples (Yakuts, Evenks, Evens, Yukagirs and others) and transmit them to future generations. This noble mission deliberately chosen by leaders and members is reflected in the title of the ensemble – “Aar-Aartyk” („Sacred Road“).

The repertoire of the ensemble is varied, though the most important place in it is taken by roundel dances, djieretii and degeren style singing, ritual practice and rituals, narrative tradition and playing mouth harp (chomus). The ensemble performs traditional, ritual dances (Yakut osuochaj, bitii, evenų sedje and others), often accompanied by drum (kiupsiur), and creates dance compositions.

The ensemble has performed at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and the Council of Europe Headquarters in Strasbourg, international festival “Russian Rainbow“ in Moscow, in Japan and other states. It often performs at national festivals, has not once become laureate of national dance competitions.